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Conversation among IFITT members

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What If the Crisis is a Chance?
Prof. Dr. Claudia C. Brözel with Philip Wolf (Founder of Phocus Wright) and Prof. Dr. Rodolfo Baggio (Bocconi University, Milan)
Professor of Tourism Management and Digitalization, Faculty of Sustainable Business Administration.
Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development, Germany
IFITT Director of Education 2020-


Interview with IFITT

At IFITT, we are constantly evolving and part of IFITT’s new communication strategy is to boost engagement by educating and disseminating information on ICT and Tourism. Interview with IFITT is one such initiative where we have gathered industry professionals and academic experts to share their knowledge on ongoing research, new trends and future prospects. Watch our interviews and learn more about the IFITT community.fake watches

Dr Hannes Werthner Dr Anastasia Mariussen David Topoloweski
Dean of Studies of Business Informatics Associate professor Chief Executive Officer
Vienna University of Technology, Austria Oslo School of Management, Norway Qooco, China
IFITT President 1997 – 2000 Co-Responsible for IFITT Chapters Keynote speaker at ENTER2015


Dr Carlos Lamsfus Dr Nadzeya Kalbaska Josef Margreiter
Director, Human Mobility and Technology Post-Doctoral Researcher Director of Tyrol Werbung
CICtourGUNE, Spain USI Lugano, Switzerland Innsbruck, Austria
Responsible for IFITT Members benefits IFITT General Secretary IFITT President 2000 – 2004


Dr Elena Marchiori Dr. Tomasz Janowski Dr. Dimitrios Buhalis
Post-Doctoral Researcher Head at UNU University Operating Unit Strategic Management and Marketing expert
USI Lugano, Switzerland Guimarães, Portugal Bournemouth, England
IFITT member Keynote Speaker IFITT President 2010-2014


Dr Zheng Xiang Dr Silvia De Ascaniis Dr Jean Luc Boulin
Assistant Professor Post-Doctoral Researcher Director of MOPA
Virginia Tech, USA USI Lugano, Switzerland Bordeaux, France
Research & Awards Director of IFITT IFITT member Keynote Speaker


Dr Oriol Miralbell  Dr Sanjay Nadkarni
Assistant Professor  Director of Research
Open University of Catalonia, Spain  Emirates Academy
IFITT’s Spanish Chapter President  Dubai, UAE