IFITT is facilitating the development and activities of local chapters globally.

The following chapters are active:


Board Members:
Paul Baron, President
Dr Nina Mistilis, Vice-President
Liz Ward, Conference/Network Director

Contact: [email protected]


Board Members:
Juho Pesonen, President
Jere Kuusinen, Vice-President
Jenni Mikkonen, General Secretary
Anja Tuohino, Accountant

Contact: [email protected]


Board Members:
Christos Ditoras, President, E-Commerce and Marketing Executive, Hilton Athens
Dimitris Serifis, Vice President, CEO, Nelios
Danai Tsogia, General Secretary, Athens Express Tour Operator, Sales and Marketing
Antonios Giannopoulos, Member, Founder the voyager voice, Adj.Lecturer AUEB, Programme Manager BCA
Stavros Kefalas, Member, Co-founder, Tourix
Chariton Brousalian, Member, Sales & Marketing Manager,Greek Travel Pages
Sotiris Varelas, Member, Post-Doctoral Researcher, Virtual and Augmented Reality
Minas Liapakis, Member, CoFounder, EyeWide Digital Marketing Agency

Contact: [email protected]


Board Members:
Rodolfo Baggio, President, Bocconi University
Luisa Mich, University of Trento
Roberto Peretta, University of Bergamo
Giacomo Del Chiappa, University of Sassari

Contact: [email protected]

Spain and Latin American

Board Members:
Estela Marine-Roig, President
Enric Lopez C., Vice-president
Eva Martin-Fuentes, General Secretary
Berta Ferrer-Rosell, Treasurer
Antonio Guevara, Board Member
Montserrat Peñarroya, Board Member
Marina Abad, Board Member

Contact: [email protected]


Board Members:
Miriam Scaglione, President
Elena Marchiori, General Secretary
Thomas Steiner, Treasurer

Contact: [email protected]