IFITT Next Generation


Who are we?

The IFITT Next Generation initiative is an informal network of friends, colleagues and peers from the IFITT community, who are in their early stages of an academic career within the field of eTourism. Next Generation members are defined as anyone who is pursuing a PhD or completed his/her PhD within the past 5 years.


What is our vision?
The IFITT Next Generation vision is to create a global network of early career eTourism researchers within the IFITT community.

What is our mission?

The IFITT Next Generation mission is to provide an informal platform within the IFITT community for young researchers to develop fresh and innovative ideas, exchange knowledge and foster resources and collaboration.


What are our aims?
The IFITT Next Generation strongly believes in the values and strategies of IFITT and aims to play a role in:

  • Build a global network with the future leaders of the eTourism field and IFITT community
  • Provide a platform and global hub of early career researchers to share experiences and knowledge
  • Increase knowledge on early research and career related issues
  • Encourage and enable collaboration between young researchers


What benefits can IFITT Next Generation bring to IFITT?

  • Attract and engage young researchers from the field to the IFITT community, by providing additional and relevant benefits
  • Encourage young IFITT members to actively contribute to the IFITT community
  • Enlarge young generation university and industry networks
  • Strengthen the IFITT network and community among next generation members

What support can IFITT provide to its IFITT Next Generation?

  • Provide financial support for planned activities (IFITT Innovation fund)
  • Provide infrastructure for IFITT Next Generation to grow
  • Provide financial and organisational support for annual IFITT Doctoral Doctoral Summer School


The IFITT Doctoral Summer School is a unique platform for knowledge and idea exchange in the field of Travel and Tourism technologies. The summer school provides inspirational and practical insights on the actual and future technological trends. Early-career researchers, both at Master’s and Doctoral level, can familiarize themselves with various research methodologies and are introduced to the world of academic publishing.

To know more about IFITT Doctoral Summer School click here.

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